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June 2015 – Rolling Palette Cart


Rolling Palette Cart

While watching a well done Brian Blood demonstration video I thought his palette and work table were just what I needed. Having this between myself and the piece on the easel would help keep it at arms length. The cart is on casters and was made from a 3/4″ in. sheet of birch ply and softwoods that were on hand, with 1/4″ luan ply for the drawer bottoms. There are also a few slots in the bottom to store panels. It is 18″ x 54″ x 30″ high with a 2″ facing of pine around the top edge. The 1/2″ edge showing around the top is for obvious reasons. Materials and tools go in the pedestal drawers. A glass pallete is under the 1/4″ plex covering it, and under that is a scrap of plastic laminate. There will be drop in cubby boxes 15″ wide on each end but they are on hold till the configurations occur. The studio is a 10 x 10 foot square Caravan Canopy.