Monthly Archives: February 2017

‘Remembering Wye’

I took the photo used for this in the early 1980s while visiting Easton, MD where my parents retired to. My brother Joe lives in nearby St Michaels. Pictured are my wife Jill on the right and children Elin (on left) and Marin. The Wye Oak in Wye Mills, MD was the largest white oak in the country and was the State Tree of Maryland. It toppled in 2002 at age estimated to be 400 years.

The picture is done in pastel with lots of watercolor pencil and dry brush watercolor. Dimensions are roughly 15″ x 21 1/2″ and the paper is Wallis sanded pastel. Since I wanted to get it ‘just right’ I printed a very faint image of the photo on the paper and began work on the upmost middle portion and fiddled with it till I was pleased.

The frame is white birch and was gleaned from Marc Dalessio‘s website. I made it on my table saw in three pieces (the third is in the back and builds up depth for mounting artwork). The cuts are simply 1/8″ x 1/8″ depth and width of saw blade. Finish is clear satin.

Shown below is the source photo