Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Scarsdale, NY area. Served in Marine Corps 1957-1960 (8th & I Drill Team and Body Bearers). Attended Syracuse U School of Fine Arts 1960-1963. Lived in Mad River Valley Vermont 1963-1986. Moved to San Diego, CA with wife Jill 1986-present. Children Elin and Marin live in Bristol, VT. Elin’s children are Takumi and Cassie.

Lotus, Balboa Park, San Diego

Lotus, Balboa Park, San Diego – pastel on Sabretooth paper 8 3/8″ x 11 3/8″

Lotus, Balboa Park, San Diego. The pastel was a gift to my mother Adeline who passed away in June of 2003. She was a craftsperson who was ever supportive of her three boys and our artistic endeavors. 

Barn Door - New Hampshire

Barn Door – New Hampshire

Father Oliver Melchior, who passed in 1985, enjoyed photography. Slide taken while he and Adeline and son Joe were vacationing in New Hampshire. Oliver spent many years in the Scarsdale school system, leaving as principal in 1960 to take over the superintendency of Garden City, LI schools. He retired there in 1971 and he and mom moved to Easton on the eastern shore of MD. Dad was originally from the Philadelphia area and Mom was a Miller from Gambrills, MD.


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