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Recent Efforts, Jan 2015

Lewis Creek Mill, Starksboro, VT - Oil on board 17 1/2" x 14 1/4"

Sketch done from an old photo. Painted on oil primed (Daniel Smith) 1/4″ luan plywood. The road was to the right as we look at this scene. I stopped, wondering what more there was to see, and skirted below to see more of the fine stone structure located in Starksboro, VT along what is now called States Prison Hollow Road.

Marin and Tevis the Wonder Goat

Marin and Tevis the Wonder Goat – Oil on linen 30″ x 24″

Done from a slide taken c. 1977. My aim was to stay loose and think strictly in terms of a picture rather than being picky with myself and┬ástriving to get everything ‘just right.’ Marin was so happy to have her very own goat and Tevis always received royal love and care. Barn cats did all right, also.